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Lloyd Baron, C.V. Highlights

Dr. Baron began his professional  career as an economist working for a major Washington consulting company. He was the youngest professional ever hired by the firm.

Dr. Baron went on to become a  PhD. Scholar on Afghanistan and was considered, at the time, a world expert, fluent in the language and knowledgeable of the economic and political forces inhibiting the country's growth and transformation.

As a development professional working in Francophone Africa, Dr. Baron executed a series of projects in Mali, Burkino Faso, Niger, and over the complete Sahelian region. Among his many projects he designed and implemented a revolutionary approach to fighting locust infestations.

As a director of Lesotho’s largest rural development program, Dr. Baron transformed a top-down engineering project into a community-based integrated rural development inititative that was to serve as a regional model.

As a regional advisor to the Economic Council of Canada, Dr. Baron managed a series of studies focused on identifying unique models for local development.

As founder and President of Horizon Pacific International, Dr. Baron forged together a disparate array of professionals to provide the market with a truly multi-disciplinary approach to problem resolution and program design. It was ahead of its time and at its peak had 19 employees/contractors. (HPI Brochure to come)

Both the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University recruited Dr. Baron to help develop and teach courses directed at providing economic, business, and organizational tools within professional graduate programs.

In order to gain business experience in the hi-tech field, Dr. Baron became president/CEO of the software company Autoship Sytems Corp, transforming a garage enterprise into a corporate leader in its niche industry; growing revenues over 300%. Dr. Baron set up a dealer network that spanned the globe.

As founder and President of Canadian Advanced Medical Services International (CAMSI) Dr. Baron and his team worked along with the medical faculty and five teaching hospitals to design and implement various business initiatives targeting the export of Canadian expertise.

As mentor and monitor to South Asia Partnership (Pakistan), Dr. Baron was instrumental in reviving a fledgling and failing NGO grassroots organization into what is now one of the country’s largest and most successful community agencies for social change.  

Working in conjunction with Professor Anderson, Dr. Baron provided the Canadian Government and the World Bank with social, economic and political intelligence on Jamaica for over three years.

In his desire to remain at the cutting edge of IT, Dr. Baron has enrolled in the Social Media Awards Certificate program at the University of British Columbia and is slated to graduate in early 2013. Dr. Baron has maintained a 88% average to date. 

Dr. Baron was elected president of Phoenix Gymnastics where he served for 6 years as volunteer CEO and was instrumental in building and operating the Province’s largest gymnastics facility and organization.

In a moment of crisis, Dr. Baron stepped in to help a micro non-profit organization complete a complex and elaborate web design and implementation project on-time and on-budget.

In 2011, Dr. Baron returned to his international arena as a sub-contractor and project director to the EEC and completed a World Bank funded survey of educational needs in Lesotho.

Dr. Baron continues to provide guidance to the non-profit sector on how to integrate social media into their programs. Dr. Baron has written several pieces on the subject including: Social Media Policy for a Non-Profit Society, A Social Media Strategy for Community Centres, and An Experiment in Persona Management (Part I).

Dr. Baron recently advised a medium-sized advertising company in developing and negotiating a succession plan.